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Thutech Salesforce Expertise

With today’s informed and socially aware customers demanding a high level of personalization, exceeding customer expectations now defines the success of your company’s digital transformation. Having customer experience evolving as a leading brand differentiator when it comes to a buying decision, enterprises are looking for solutions that enable them to prepare for the ever-growing customer needs.

Thutech can help and enable global organizations to enhance their customer experience by harnessing the power of Salesforce solutions and innovations to create positive, impactful brand experiences for audiences using digital technologies, deliver personalized experiences and maximize the value of CRM technologies today and in future.

Our SalesForce Engagement Packages

Discovery Package

Our industry-leading Discovery gives you an independent and comprehensive understanding of your IT environment. The Report of Findings we deliver includes the assessment, roadmap, recommendations and next steps, so you have a solid foundation for future development and strategic planning. All for a sensible fixed fee you can plan for.

Advisory Package

Advisory packages are designed to focus on a single goal; large or small. Whether it's managing your Salesforce Project or Implementation/ Development of Salesforce CRM towards a cohesive vision. You can access a range of expertise available based on complexity. That way, you know exactly what you are getting and can plan accordingly.

Retainer Package

Our retainer package enables collaboration and the flexibility. Use us when you need us.
A long-term relationship ensures Salesforce scales with your business.
Our collaborative pricing gives you the choice of 100%, 50% or 25% of our time to suit your requirements.
So as complexity reduces over time, and you are happy.

Thutech depth and breadth of CRM consultancy and cover entire CRM lifecycle.

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Salesforce CRM Sales and Services implementation and support for leading US financial products company

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CRM based process consultancy for a German auto component and technology company

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Salesforce CRM Consulting

CRM for medical transparency compliance

The paper provides an honest approach to cater to Sunshine act related expense management within CRM. By relating carbon emissions to expenses, it helps set up a practice to approach customers through greener means and reduce organizational carbon footprint.

Selecting CRM for SMBs_Points to Ponder

Various options need to be considered before selection of an appropriate CRM solution for SMEs. Some of the factors which can help SMEs make right decision for CRM solution can be looking for the budget allocated and going for the right product after thorough research to avoid later cost escalations. Also considering all the aspects of implementation, gaining stakeholder’s confidence and not falling prey to the push model applied by various CRM vendors.


How can Salesforce Service Cloud support my business?

Salesforce Service Cloud best supports businesses that sell products and/or services. It is a customer service and support platform that is fully customisable so it can help your business deliver a smarter service with a 360-degree view of every customer. Whether by phone, chat, web or email, Service Cloud customer support software enables agents and customers to connect and resolve customer problems quickly and efficiently.

What is a self-service community and how can it help my business?

Self-service community is a customer portal that allows you to empower your customers to help themselves. The platform allows your company to showcase knowledge and offer case management to customers. The self-service community helps support your business at it frees up time to allow your agents to focus on solving the most complex issues.

How big does a company need to be to use Service Cloud?

No matter the size of your business, the features of Service Cloud can support you. Salesforce currently has over 150,000 customers, many of which are small businesses.

What is the main reason to use Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce Service Cloud ensures your customer service is frictionless. By providing the necessary tools in one place to deliver an outstanding customer experience, Service Cloud enables your customer service team to work faster and more productively, which improves customer satisfaction and reduces costs.

How can Salesforce Sales Cloud support my business?

Salesforce Sales Cloud can help your business grow and develop by supporting your business with artificial intelligence to: get more leads, close more deals, accelerate productivity and make more insightful decisions.Salesforce Sales Cloud can help your business grow and develop by supporting your business with artificial intelligence to: get more leads, close more deals, accelerate productivity and make more insightful decisions.

How does Salesforce Sales Cloud work?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a fully customisable product that brings all your customer information together in an integrated platform that incorporates marketing, lead generation, sales, personalised customer service and business analytics. Sales Cloud Einstein’s artificial intelligence is built into every aspect of the sales process, giving your team the instant data and insights they need to close deals.

Should my business be using Sales Cloud?

Sales Cloud is a software-as-a-service model (SaaS), so the software scales easily to accommodate every business size, from sole proprietorships to global enterprises. If your business requires processes to be automated to help you grow accounts faster, find new customers faster and closes deals faster – Sales Cloud can help support.

What is the main reason to use Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud lets you efficiently unify different principals functions of your business so you can achieve more leads, close more deals, accelerate your workforce productivity, along with being able to make more informed and insightful decisions.

What is the difference between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud?

Sales Cloud is helpful for companies who are focused on leads, opportunities and sales. Whereas Service Cloud support companies that sell services and products. However, there is some overlap between the two as data from both platforms can support with service and sales.

How does Field Service Lightning work?

Field Service Lightning is an innovative field service management that allows you to manage work orders, scheduling and your entire mobile workforce. Create records for each of your field service operators with details about their skills, location and availability so the appropriate agent is dispatched to the job in hand. The smart system can also track the location of inventory, vehicles and locations as well as create maintenance plans and send out reports to customers.

How Can Salesforce Field Service Lightning support my business?

Salesforce Field Service Lightning is a highly powerful and customisable software that has a set of features that can your business set up a mobile friendly field service hub. This helps your firm’s customer service team provides technical support to customers and acts as a communication channel between them both.

Is Field Service Lightning expensive?

Field Service Lightning pricing depends on the package you require for your business. There are affordable options for contractors, mobile employees and dispatchers, giving you just what you need to complete your jobs. For a business looking to combine mobile employee and dispatcher packages, Field Service Lightning Plus gives you everything you need. Each package is available in Enterprise and Unlimited editions.

What are the main features of Field Service Lightning?

SField Service Lightning have three main sections that work together to give you a complete Field Service Management solution. These include core field service lightning features, scheduling and optimisation from a managed package, along with a mobile app for your mobile workforce.

How does Pardot work?

Pardot is a powerful standalone B2B marketing automation tool. When integrated with Salesforce platform marketers can automatically create and assign qualified new leads and make tracked prospect activities visible to the sales team.

What is B2B Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to the software that automates marketing and engagement to help generate leads, close deals and measure your marketing success. B2B companies can engage and reach potential clients in various ways including: emails, social media, lead nurturing, inbound marketing, digital advertising, landing pages and forms.

Is Pardot automation suitable for my business?

Pardot provides a full solution that helps B2B marketers create meaningful connections that can help generate more sales and close more deals. Pardot will generate a better ROI, revenue and results for your business.

What sort of insights will Pardot provide?

With Pardot and Salesforce reporting, marketers can track the success of their campaigns, measure audience engagement and understand the impact of the emails that are sent out. B2B Marketing Analytics will organise and analyse data across all sales and marketing, allowing you to make informed data-driven decisions in your sales.

What can a business do with Community Cloud?

Community Cloud is an online social platform that enables companies to connect customers, partners and employees with each other and records the work that needs to be completed. Businesses can streamline key processes and extend them across multiple offices and departments along with reaching outwards to their customers and partners. This ensures everyone in the business ecosystem can service customers more effectively, close deals faster and get work done in real time.

Is Community Cloud Secure?

Community Cloud is a public cloud environment built on the trusted Salesforce1 platform which has set levels of security, privacy and regulatory compliance of a private cloud. It provides the highest level of security and control, from user and client authentication through to administrative permissions to the data access and sharing model.

Does Community Cloud integrate with mobile devices?

There are many options for using Community Cloud on a mobile device. Community templates are secure, reliable, scalable and optimised for mobile, to provide a rich experience that can be viewed on any device.

How big does a company need to be to use Community Cloud?

Companies of any size can use the Community Cloud to create seamless, branded community experiences quickly and easily.