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LHASGO – Organization wide Carbon footprint tracking in CRM

Today worldwide, every organization is willing to go green and it’s important their effort towards customer win/retention and partner management is green too. Is it feasible for companies to evaluate, if its customer/partner centric efforts are green, through existing CRM solutions without any significant investment in technology?

These efforts may be travel involved for sales, cold calls, customer care calls, brochures/prospectus sent or mail communication done. With this approach, companies can collect auditable data on core environmental performance and carbon footprint for their customers and Partners. Based on this information, organizations can monitor their carbon footprint and institute business practices that are both environmentally and economically sustainable to retain and win the customers.

It will set up a practice within organization that customers are won through greener means.

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• Helps Brand organization as ‘Green Org’.

• Single source to measure customer centric Co2 emissions

• Offset provision

• Value provided as Enviro-Zone Indicator, Green-Customer relationship, Savings ($)

• Increased customer satisfaction and delight

1. A global IT company into hardware and software is turning its customer centric efforts Green with LHASGO setup.
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Creating Greener Organization through CRM

The paper gives an innovative approach for organizations to measure and effectively track efforts involved in winning and retaining customer and evaluating ‘Carbon Footprint’ (The total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused directly and indirectly by an individual, organisation) at each effort level with customer and Partner.