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‘SimCase’ - NLP and AI based similar cases suggestions in CRM

The channels businesses use to communicate and serve the customers have changed over time. Modern businesses have added electronic communications to the mix, including telephone, email, live chat, and social media. As the number of contact points has increased, the challenge of aggregating and organizing that data has also increased. While the challenge of managing that data has grown, the importance of maintaining customer support has always existed.

However, CRM support for customer service has a primary role because customer service blends marketing, sales, support, and retention efforts. A standardized set of data points is key for customer service managers to gain actionable insights. With more data, better quality data, and increased access to data for relevant team members, customer service managers can have data-driven solutions to improve the performance of customer service departments.

‘SimCase’ - NLP and AI based solution provides similar cases suggestions in CRM to help customer support agents be more proactive, efficient and productive when handling customer queries and cases.

With SimCase the support agents

• Get similar cases when working on any case in a CRM system.

• It leverages legacy data to find similar matching cases with description/subject as well as images helping agents get right solution in quick time. This saves time and ensures accurate resolution is provided to customer with the help of legacy data.

• Natural Language Processing (NLP) verifies matching cases within legacy case data in the system to give best case match and recommendations to the person working on support cases.

• Artificial Intelligence (AI) checks for images within legacy case data to predict most accurate cases that should be used for solving customer queries and concerns. It helps find identical and manage repetitive cases quickly.



• Less training time for newly onboarded staff.

• Displays similar cases and provides a list of suggestions matching the query (All and Any similar matches).

• Substantially reduces timescales, simplifies workflow whilst offering instantaneous solutions from similar queries.

• Increased efficiency and professionalism for an enhanced customer experience.

• Advanced NLP and AI mining options through data-driven-insights delivering precognitive outputs.


• Actionable data for reports that provide cases lists for corresponding accounts and cross account analysis where applicable.

• Insights that will allow you to plan appropriate product, services & workflow improvements.

• Increased productivity and savings for the organisation.Example: When solutions are recommended by our SimCase CRM plugin, support team can plan a dedicated approach for new areas of improvement for customer support.


• Optimised cross team collaboration to coordinate and achieve greater efficiency for services, products, sales and marketing.

• As SimCase suggests cases for quick resolution of customer issues, the logic will be extended to check more recommendations for some products upsell/cross sell by referring similar contracts data.

• SimCase can sync up with Marketing Campaigns and appropriate discounts, early renewals, upgrade plans can be recommended in real time while customer is looking for a resolution.

SimCase Introduction